Cargo Sales & Services

InterGlobe Air Transport (IGAT) is a leading GSA providing cargo management services to some of the major global airlines. We offer a suite of domain-specialized services for Import, Export, and Transit cargo. We are a preferred partner for freight-forwarding business providing in-depth and strategic domain expertise while adhering to a strict code of business.


We specialize in a broad range of aircraft including Airbus, Boeing and MD families.

Skilled Team

Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) qualified personnel.

Superior Expertise

Well versed in operational and commercial handling.

In-depth Industry Knowledge

Member of various industry associations and board member of ACFI.

Unmatched Experience

We manage 2763 international flights, and 728 international freighters a year.

Efficient Cargo Handling

We handle 47,000 tons of export cargo, and 40,000 tons of import cargo a year.


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