21 May 2020

We successfully handle both on-line & off-line airline operations.

We work closely with interline and/or alliance partners of the airline we represent. This facilitates higher revenues for the partners even when they do not have on-line operations to/from India. For example, a large US carrier is fed traffic to over a dozen destinations in the United States via codeshare and alliance partners’ services in Paris, Amsterdam and London. Similarly, one of our Latin American airline picks up Indian passengers via Milan and carries them to Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile. In another instance, Indian carriers operating to Bangkok and Singapore provide feed to our partner airline for onward transportation to Australia and New Zealand.

A very clear advantage of this approach for the partner airline is to harvest the Indian market without directly operating to India which may be due to non-availability of suitable aircraft, insufficient traffic for its own direct flight or any other technical reason.

On-line operations are always more definite in terms of capacity, revenue and market share. In such cases, the partner airline benefits from our range of services such as regulatory support, contact centre, PR and marketing, airport supervision, cabin crew provision, taxation and banking etc., all of which are impeccably executed for the best results.